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"Woven Sunset" an original earth pigment watercolour with handwoven textile

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Title: Woven Sunset

An original earth pigment watercolour and textile piece on beautiful 150 lb handmade paper with torn edges. This handwoven textile is made of naturally dyed linen thread. An abstract of the fading sun at the end of a sunny day using textiles. This artwork brings texture and peace to your space.

*size: 11" x 15"

Part of the 'Through the Window' series. The original inspiration for this series came from the shadows the sun creates on my walls when it shines through my windows.They danced around the wall based on where the sun was in the sky. I thought about what these shadows would look like if they were in colour. I thought that they would be the colours that the Earth produces. Colours like ochre, sienna and umber along with colour from plants like madder and indigo. And of course, like most things, they reminded me of the grid that is inherent in weaving.

Framing Suggestions: This painting would be lovely in a shadow box frame or in a 16"x 20" white frame on a mat so that the beautiful edges show. A vintage frame would also look so great.

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